NASDAQ Trade Ads

NASDAQ Trade Ads enables market participants to advertise in real time their trade and share volume in a stock. Institutional and other knowledgeable investors can use NASDAQ Trade Ads to find out which market participants have the most extensive and up to date experience trading a stock and which ones are most likely to have access to the liquidity required to execute large orders.

NASDAQ Trade Ads includes NASDAQ-listed and non-NASDAQ exchange listed trade and share volume. The current release of NASDAQ Trade Ads is designed to showcase NASDAQ® market participants that enter attributable, liquidity-providing orders into the NASDAQ execution system. Future releases will enable market participants to advertise a greater selection of their trading activity.

Investors can use NASDAQ Trade Ads to optimize their order routing decisions. NASDAQ DataStore provides a real-time leader board display that can be viewed by stock or by market participant. By-stock view provides a ranked list of the market participants trading that issue today. By-participant view provides a ranked list of the issues traded by that market participant today.

Market participants wishing to increase their visibility and showcase their trading experience should contact NASDAQ Data Products to find out how to optimize the amount of their trading activity featured in NASDAQ Trade Ads.

Investors wishing to improve their routings decisions can subscribe to NASDAQ Trade Ads on NASDAQ DataStore or contact NASDAQ Data Products for information about additional methods for accessing the data.

*The Beta version of NASDAQ Trade Ads is currently free to all NASDAQ DataStore subscribers.

NASDAQ Trade Ads features:

  • Real-time leader boards of market participants trading each NASDAQ issue
  • Real-time lists of the issues traded by each market participant
  • Accurate data generated from actual trades on NASDAQ market systems
  • Real-time complement to NASDAQ’s Daily Share Volume report

Price: Free!