Plug & Play Widgets

NASDAQ’s Web 2.0 Widget Plug-and-Play Technology provides ready-made front-end graphical interfaces that can be easily incorporated directly into any existing HTML-based program. NASDAQ Plug-and-Play Widgets allow distributors to offer premier NASDAQ data products to their customers while avoiding unnecessary overhead costs, technology queues and other development barriers. Each Plug-and-Play Widget can be customized to fit distributors’ usage and capacity needs. Distributors that don’t have time or resources to build their own front-end interface have instant access to dynamic charts and visual representations.

How does it work?

NASDAQ provides several lines of code that is easy to incorporate into an existing website or application. Once the distributor integrates the customized code into their systems, the widget is embedded and data is ready to be disseminated to customers. NASDAQ will provide ongoing support to the client through regular technology updates and usage and capacity monitoring.

To order now or to learn more, contact NASDAQ Market Data Distribution at 301.978.5307.