NASDAQ Market Pathfinders

Unfortunately, NASDAQ OMX must suspend the dissemination of information on the NASDAQ Market Pathfinders application. While we expect to make the application available in the near-term, we do not have a definitive date. For firms still interested in Pathfinders data, we recommend the direct Pathfinders Data Feed. We will notify customers when the application is available.

"Best New Data Product of the Year" IMD Awards 2009

The new Market Pathfinders data feed features aggregated real-time, intraday trade volume data for the full range of issues including NASDAQ-, NYSE- and other U.S. regional exchange-listed securities traded on NASDAQ. This product identifies “pathfinders” that are actively buying or selling a large volume of shares in a particular security, in the anticipation of a price increase or decrease. Pathfinders are kept anonymous — it is the aggregation of their trading activity that is used to determine if these market participants are bullish or bearish on a particular issue. The Market Pathfinders information is updated in real-time for every issue traded by NASDAQ. Find out what the smart money is doing by:

  • Tracking the number of Pathfinders that are bullish versus bearish on the market.
  • Viewing the ratio of shares bought versus sold by Pathfinders.
  • Create a portfolio of stocks and receive periodic updates of the Market Pathfinders values.

Interested in being a distributor of Market Pathfinders? NASDAQ Market Pathfinders information is available as a multicast data feed, providing valuable market updates at one minute intervals. Contact your NASDAQ OMX Market Data Representative or email

View the Market Pathfinders support document for more information.

Non-pro Pricing: $10 per month
Professional Pricing: $50 per month