Market Replay PLUS

Non-professional traders have been limited in their understanding and analysis of the financial markets by the lack of quote and trade data available to the public. With Market Replay PLUS, NASDAQ OMX has found a way to provide transparent insight into the intricacies of the market with an easy-to-use interface. NASDAQ Market Replay PLUS is an extremely powerful replay and analysis tool, allowing users to view historic consolidated order book and trade data for NASDAQ-, NYSE- and other regional-listed securities.

Market Replay PLUS provides a powerful replay of consolidated market quote and trade data. Users can navigate through time and replay events in real-time or speed them up and slow them down. They can zoom in to the sub-second level to see and analyze the detail of market updates, even quotes that last less than a millisecond.

Market Replay PLUS offers the following functionality:
  • Unlimited number of queries
  • Automated symbol look-up functionality
  • Delivers replays in three minute time frames
  • View the National Best Bid and Offer at your specified point in time
  • Access intraday data (on a two hour delay)
  • Access five days of historic data
  • Filter to view Quotes and Trades separately
  • View statistics including: High, Low, VWAP, Share volume and share count

Don’t be left asking "What happened?" Gain a better understanding of the market and why your trades executed at the price they did with NASDAQ Market Replay PLUS. Improve your trading strategies and understanding of market trends for only $9.99 a month!

View the Market Replay PLUS Fact Sheet or Quick Reference Guide for more information.

For firms interested in more expanded capability beyond Market Replay PLUS, we recommend Market Replay Pro. Market Replay Pro offers:
  • History through 1/1/2008
  • Unlimited timeframes
  • Importing/Exporting capabilities
  • Filtering data by Exchange for a more targeted view of the market
  • More detailed information (sales condition codes, sub market center codes)

View the Market Replay PLUS vs. PRO Matrix for a comparison of features.