Daily Share Volume

Make better educated trading and routing decisions by tracking market participants' trading activity in specific stocks, sectors and indexes with NASDAQ Daily Share Volume. NASDAQ Daily Share Volume is the "gold-source" of data with values for volume and ranking. Data accounts for trades executed through the NASDAQ Execution System. It gives credit to both parties involved in a trade and looks through hidden, reserve and anonymous trades — including odd lot trades. Reports are available after market close on the same day a trade is executed and aggregated on a monthly basis.

Flexible Delivery Options

Daily Share Volume reports are available through two types of subscriptions:

Web Subscription - Easily access reports through the web-based query-response system. Customize the data to suit your specific needs.

  • Categorize reports by exchange
  • Sort by volume or symbol
  • Organize by market participant, issue, composite, index or sector

FTP Subscription - Download the data in a single file for redistribution or firm-wide access. For more information about the FTP subscription please visit the NASDAQ OMX Trader website.

View the DSV User Guide for more information.

Pricing: $240 per month.